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Get Rataway, Rightaway.

 ($25 makes 1 gallon) Made in the USA 

Spray Rataway Fragrance to Remove Rodent Odors

Spray Rataway fragrance from to stop Rodent Odors on your light cords, computer cords, appliance cords, charging cords for cell phones, CD players, water sprinkler control wiring, etc...

Be sure to turn off all power at the source before spraying electrical equipment or wiring.

Dogs, cats, cockatiels, African Grays, and parrots love to be mischievous with almost anything. Sometimes cats seem to ignore heavy cords for lighter ones.

Rataway Fragrance removes odors caused by rats, mice, squirrels, and raccoons as well as other rodents. It also protects the surface used for nesting.

Heavy equipment damaged due to rats, mice and squirrels. Sprayed heavy equipment with Rataway Fragrance (Engines, vacuum lines, and hydraulic lines).