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Get Rataway, Rightaway.

 ($25 makes 1 gallon) Made in the USA. Patent Pending 

Mixing Instructions:

Original Formula:

(Each 1 oz bottle makes up to 2 gallons of Rataway Fragrance)

  1. You will need 1-2 gallons (3.8 - 7.6 Liters) of distilled water.
  2. RECOMMENDED... add the full bottle of Rataway Fragrance concentrate to 1 gallon of water.
  3. Replace the cap on the gallon bottle and shake well.
  4. For a weak mixture, fill the spray bottle up to half way with distilled water. Pour the mixture into the spray bottle.
  5. Place the Rataway Fragrance labels on the spray bottle and the gallon bottle.
  6. Discard the Rataway Fragrance bottle properly.

Waterproofing Instructions

(makes up to 2 gallons of Rataway Fragrance, 20 oz Waterproofed)

  1. Perform the steps above to make Rataway Fragrance mixture.
  2. Shake the white bottle (the waterproofing solution) well before opening.
  3. Pour the waterproofing solution directly into a 20 oz spray bottle.-- OR -- Mix the waterproofing agent with the Rataway Fragrance mixture in the one gallon bottle.
  4. Fill the rest of the way with the mixture from the gallon bottle.
  5. Place the Waterproof Rataway Fragrance label on the spray bottle.
  6. Rinse and dispose of the bottle properly.

Where to Spray

Be sure to spray everything in your shop, tools, cords, bottles, boxes, heirlooms, RV, boats,ductwork, heat & ac equipment, hydraulic hoses, BBQ, pool equipment, stored food, cars engines, trucks, cables, phone lines, electrical boxes & lines, computer, waterlines, furniture, thermostat wire, trailers, brake lines, air hoses, grain sacks,ATV, motorcycles, tractors, combines, lawnmowers, PEX waterlines,grain trucks (spray under seats all equipment & cab floors), solar cables, refrigeration lines, manifold water lines, jet skis, planes, lawn furniture, trash containers, Christmas storage box & tree, shoes, (saddles & tack, cloth seats, shoes, Rataway Fragrance only) no Waterproof Rataway! Spray corrals, barns, stalls for cribbing problems!?? If in doubt call me 805 646 2177 before you spray ??

Rotate Fragrance for Best Results

Most customers, order a Waterproof Rataway Fragrance and Rataway Fragrance. 1.You get two different fragrance you rotate the spraying, rodents do not like new smells. 2. (5) cards marked with the fragrance for you to date when you spray. A bag of "Rataway Powder" to sprinkle or spray! 3. the Rataway Knife 4. 1 Stainless Steel Pot Scrubber to cut and seal holes, house, gearshift boots, cab air intakes, (fresh air intakes on parked equipment combines, tractors, grain trucks) The price $58.00 (free shipping on all orders)

What you get with a purchase of 2 or more bottles What you get with a purchase of 2 or more bottles

Problem dog sitting on couch. Sprayed Rataway Fragrance on couch and dog stayed off the couch.