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 ($25 makes 1 gallon) Made in the USA 

Rataway Fragrance Protects Stored Food

Rataway Fragance protects dried fruit, nuts, cereals, baking mixes, dry pet food, cartons, etc...

Protecting Food Storage in Warehouses

Rodent infested goods in food warehouses commonly include cereals, flour, baking mixes, waxed carton drinks, dry pet foods, dried fruits and nuts, fresh produce, paper goods, charcoal briquettes, and damaged goods. Products in these categories should be kept in open, easily inspectable areas, rather than dark corners. Regular and routine removal of such non-salable or non-usable products should be standard practice to enhance cleanliness and safety and to reduce nesting.

All food products should be double bagged before spraying Rataway Fragrance.

Call (805)646-2177 for details before spraying food products.

Heavy equipment damaged due to rats, mice and squirrels. Sprayed heavy equipment with Rataway Fragrance (Engines, vacuum lines, and hydraulic lines).