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 ($25 makes 1 gallon) Made in the USA. Patent Pending 

Rodent Repelling Products

Rataway is a Safe, Nontoxic Rodent Repellent with Many Uses

Rataway Original Formula


Rataway Waterproofing Agent

Rataway Waterproofing Agent

Rataway Fragrance is a natural liquid deodorant that has been successful in preventing odors caused by rats, mice, squirrels, dogs, cats, raccoons, opossums, horses and other small rodents that infest and chew on wood, electrical lines, and any other item that you wish to be left alone. It is also effective at preventing odors created by swallows, pigeons, woodpeckers, crows, and bats from nesting in and around the house and shopping malls. It has proven to be effective at eliminating odors caused by rats and other rodents that usually get into ductwork, electrical lines, and insulation. This damage comes from rats and other rodents chewing on and nesting in these areas.

Original Formula includes one 1oz bottle Rataway Concentrate.

Waterproof Formula includes one 1oz bottle Rataway Concentrate AND one 1oz bottle Waterproofing Agent. 

EVERY Order Includes:

  1. Detailed Instructions.
  2. A stainless steel pot scrubber to stuff into a rodent entry point in the house to prevent rats from coming in: it will not rust.
  3. A tracking card that specifies 50 individual uses so you can mark when and where you sprayed.
  4. A big red label that goes on the Gallon water bottle so you know what it contains.
  5. A letter opener and a refrigerator magnet.
  6. You will also receive a free coffee cup!
  7. If you order 2 products you will receive a free knife.


Generic Liquid Sprayer Bottle
Generic Liquid Sprayer Bottle
(not included)

Please note: Client needs to purchase a common liquid sprayer bottle. Products come in concentrated form and must be diluted (see Instructions)



Rats or mice chewing up saddles and horse tack. Sprayed down saddles and tack with Rataway Fragrance.