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Get Rataway, Rightaway.

 ($25 makes 1 gallon) Made in the USA 

Terms of Use


Do not spray Rataway fragrance on your garden vegetables or on the ground in and around the garden. This includes fruit trees as well.

Return Policy:

We only accept returns of unopened merchandise from within the United States.

We need to charge shipping and restocking fees for returned merchandise.

$15.00 will be refunded for Standard Rataway fragrance ($18.00 for Waterproof Rataway fragrance) upon receipt of unopened Rataway fragrance container by

Returns must be authorized by via email before we will accept any shipment.

Information Collected: does not share any personal information collected with 3rd party entities.

We accept all major credit cards. We use PayPal to process credit cards because it is accepted worldwide, and is the least expensive credit card platform available (so we can pass the savings along to you). We never see your credit card number or credit card info.